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What is Prout?

The Progressive Utilization Theory, or Prout, is an integrated socio-economic system that enables both people and planet to thrive. It is an alternative to corporate capitalism, the current dominant economic model. While capitalism is focused on the maximization of profits to benefit a few, Prout’s economy seeks to build wealth for everyone.

Learn how Prout aims to achieve a Vibrant Ecosystem, One Human Society and an Economy for All

The Prout model offers an integral approach to social and economic development, including people-centered economics, environmental sustainability, and a new model of prosperity. Its goal is to raise the standard of living so that people can meet their basic needs as well as access resources and opportunities to satisfy their higher intellectual, artistic, and spiritual aspirations. The Prout economy encourages cooperation and strong ethical leadership, placing the vital needs of people and planet ahead of corporate and individual profit.

To achieve a thriving economy, Prout relies on the principles of maximum utilization and rational distribution.

Maximum utilization is the adequate and sustainable supply of products and services for human consumption by using the most cost-effective and efficient means possible. This includes the use of advanced, eco-friendly technologies for higher productivity, in order to maintain a balance between human demand and healthy ecosystems. It also consists of coordinated local economic planning to avoid duplication and to maximize cooperation.

Rational distribution refers to the demand side of the economy. According to Prout, a healthy economy must provide employment for 100% of the working population so that they can acquire basic goods and services in the marketplace. These jobs must provide adequate wages and earnings in order to meet the changing needs of the population. Rational distribution also includes an incentive system to motivate and reward highly capable and industrious workers. Finally, for those with special needs who are less able to participate in the labour market, resources will be set aside to ensure that their needs are met.

Key Features

[This] theory is far superior to Adam Smith’s or that of Karl Marx.”
– Johan Galtung, Founder UN institute of Peace Studies

Prout is very important for grass roots groups and for all who yearn for a liberation which starts from economics and opens to the totality of personal and social human existence.”
– Leonardo Boff, Founder of Liberation Theology


Prout is an important contribution to rethinking the disastrous course of the current economy and globalization.”
-Hazel Henderson, Economist, Author of “Beyond Globalization”

When the whole property of this universe has been inherited by all creatures, how then can there be any justification for a system in which someone receives a flow of huge excess, while others die for lack of a handful of grain?”
~ P.R. Sarkar, founder of Prout