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Proutist Universal is a growing movement of people and initiatives that offer viable solutions the world needs. Our offices, centers, activities, events, and publications are mainly run by dedicated volunteers. Its global headquarters is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

ProutSisters envisions a world where every woman is empowered to express her full potential and contributes towards a society in which all living beings can thrive. ProutSisters is a global entity that empowers women to achieve economic self-sufficiency, social equality and leadership skills through education, advocacy, and community building. 

Prout Alliance serves North America.

The Prout Research Institute Portugal was founded in 2013 to understand and apply the Prout system.

Istituto di Ricerca Prout (Prout Research Insititute of Italy).

The Prout Magazine is a monthly publication from New Delhi, India. A Journal of Proutistic Views and Neohumanistic Analysis. The free online edition is available since 2012.

The Prout Institute in Euguene, Oregon provides people and communities with empowering resources to envision and enact sustainable and equitable solutions to social, economic, and ecological challenges.

Prout Now

Prout Now – Neohumanist Views and Proutist Analysis: A global magazine of Proutist Universal.